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Enabling 1 Million+ Apps on TV

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All-New NextD TV N2

2nd Gen NextD 4K Smart TV Player with Top Specs and New Features

All-New NextD TV N2

2nd Gen NextD 4K Smart TV Player with Top Specs and New Features

NextD is the only smart TV player that enables 1 million+ apps on HDTV. It works very simply. Download your favorite apps on the NextD Player and pair the free NextD Remote app on your mobile device with the NextD Player to instantly control your apps on the big screen.

The NextD Remote app works like a touchpad enhanced with multi-touch and motion-sensing capabilities to control the apps running on the NextD Player. Unlike all other smart TV players that offer limited apps due to their constrained remote controls, NextD unleashes millions of touch and motion based Android apps, many of which could never be experienced on the big screen before.

Access the Largest Collection of Video and Music Content

Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Amazon Video, Sling TV, HBO Now, Watch ESPN, Spotify … Not only does NextD have all the essential video and music apps covered but it also runs YouTube TV, Google Play Movies & TV, DIRECTV, Dish Anywhere, SoundCloud, and many more entertainment apps that are missing from other digital media players. What if your favorite Internet video source doesn’t have an app? Simply visit its website through a full browser on NextD.

Play 100x More Android Games on TV than Any Other Smart TV Player

Angry Birds, Temple Run, Jetpack Joyride, Clash of Clans, the hottest Android games are not designed for traditional game controllers, including the latest Apple TV Siri remote. These games are designed for tap & swipe, pinch & zoom, and tilt & turns. NextD preserves all these touch and motion inputs without modifying the Android apps. This is the reason why NextD is the only smart TV player that enables many games that could never be played on TV before.

Connect with Your World through Life-Size Video Chat

Video chat on TV has never been easier. Instantly connect with your family and friends over the most popular video chat apps such as Skype, Line, Facebook Messenger, Viber, IMO. Simply plug in a support USB Webcam, NextD instantly transforms your video chat on a small screen into a life-size experience.

Explore Infinite Possibilities

Looking for new design ideas? Open up the Houzz or Pinterest app to get some inspiration. Trying to keep up with your exercise routine? Launch the Nike+ Training Club or Skimble Workout Trainer app to get your personal trainer right at home. Traveling to a new country? Launch the Duolingo or Rosetta Stone app to learn a new language. Shopping for a dress? Browse the Nordstrom or Wish app to find the perfect outfit. Making a special dish for your Friday night date? Follow step-by-step video recipes on the Food Network or AllRecipes app. And if it’s not available in an app, just head over to a full browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Opera. NextD has you fully covered.

How It Works

Download and run a million + apps on NextD player


Turn your mobile device into a remote control with multi-touch and motion sensing capabilities by installing the NextD Remote app.

NextD Remote App


Mirror Touch Mode

This mode mirrors the exact touch input locations from mobile to TV.

Hover Touch Mode

This mode works like a touchpad, but enhanced with multi-touch and motion sensing capabilities.

Media Control Mode

This mode provides shortcut buttons to control audio and video.

What Makes NextD Unique?

Access to 1 Million+ apps

NextD Player can work with the majority of the existing Android apps, not limited to the “TV edition” apps

4K UltraHD and 3D

NextD Player supports 4K/60FPS UltraHD video output and 3D videos, creating an immersive viewing experience

Premium Tech Specs

Amlogic S912 Octa-Core CPU, 3GB RAM + 32GB Storage, 2.4GH/5GHz Dual-band 802.11ac WiFi + Bluetooth 4.1

Multi-touch Input

NextD Remote allows interaction with touch-based Android apps on TV via pinch, zoom and rotate gestures

Motion-sensing Capability

NextD Remote can sense motions such as tilts and turns, flips and swings, making game play more intuitive

Virtually No Latency

Unlike screen mirroring that sends full video streams, NextD Remote only sends control bits over the network

NextD: The Most Versatile Smart TV Player