The Story Behind NextD

A couple of years ago, we asked ourselves: "Why don’t all apps work on TV?" Why do top games such as Temple Run and Clash of Clans not run on TV? Up to now, all smart TV players could not run most apps. Existing apps had to be significantly modified so they could work with these restrictive platforms.

Yet, apps are so intertwined with our lives nowadays. We watch, listen, play, read, browse, interact, communicate, and shop through mobile apps. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a more immersive experience with these apps on the largest screen in our homes?

That’s what we set out to do a couple of years ago. After numerous design and product iterations, we are excited to introduce NextD, a new smart TV player that brings the next dimension to your TV. NextD unleashes 1 million+ apps on TV at the onset. However, we believe that the best TV apps have not yet been thought of. We can’t wait to see what developers will create with this new computing platform and offer to you.

Our goal is to offer a more immersive experience on TV with your apps.

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